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What is ABA Therapy?

Applied behavior analysis, also known as ABA therapy, is an evidenced-based approach implemented to reduce undesired behaviors and increase and/or learn desired behaviors. In ABA therapy, interventions that have been tested and demonstrated to work, are used to assist the client in achieving normal functioning.

ABA therapy is used with children, adolescents and adults when certain behaviors don’t allow them to function at their developmental level. At D & M Behavioral Solutions, we our focused on children up until adolescence to start treatment. Length of treatment is dependent on many factors, however, the more the family is involved and consistent with treatment recommendations, the higher the probability of reaching the best results.

Behaviors and skill level of the client are first carefully assessed by a highly trained professional. Assessments and behavior plans are individualized in order to best fit the client’s needs. Skills needed to be learned will be reduced to smaller steps in order to ease the learning process. Each family will be thoroughly explained as to how the services will be provided.

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Benefits of ABA therapy?

An important goal of ABA therapy is to make a socially meaningful change in the life of the client and family receiving the treatment. A treatment team including a behavioral analyst and a behavior technician will be working alongside the family to equip them with the tools necessary to handle the most difficult behaviors and assist the client in learning those behaviors needed to live a more functional life. This approach to therapy is one of the most effective as it is evidenced based.

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What to Expect When Soliciting ABA Services

  1. Prior Authorization: This includes a phone interview with legal guardian of the client to determine if ABA services will be a good fit and obtain required documents to conduct a complete insurance-benefits assessment and obtain authorization for assessment.
  2. Assessment: Once authorization is approved, a BCBA will contact family in order to schedule initial assessment. This is when members of the family that will be involved in therapy will be interviewed and the child will be observed in order to identify undesired behaviors and develop a behavioral plan.
  3. Treatment Plan: BCBA will develop a complete behavioral plan addressing all information gathered. This will be discussed with family prior to treatment and family must consent in order to obtain authorization of treatment.
  4. Therapy and Data Collection: At this point, therapy has commenced and will be provided based on treatment plan goals and objectives by registered behavior technician (RBT). BCBA/ Lead Behavior Analyst will provide supervision for RBT, test program to ensure effectiveness and/ or make adjustments as needed and provide caregiver training.
  5. Reassessment and Tracking Progress: Services will be observed by BCBA on a weekly basis. Every month a report will developed to analyze data of the month in addition to the previous months. Every six month and formalized reassessment will be completed in order to discuss progress in the past six months, address any changes needed, and obtain authorization for continuation of services.
  6. Maintenance & Discharge: At this point, goals have been mastered and the purpose of therapy is to maintain progress made and develop plan for discharge.
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